About the deck of cards

The deck is named «Tarot Satans» to evoke a sense of mystery and power associated with multiple satanic figures. The name deliberately plays on the idea of multiple Satans, suggesting a collection of dark, powerful forces that the cards tap into. This unusual naming choice aims to intrigue and captivate those interested in the esoteric and the occult, setting this deck apart from more traditional Tarot sets. The unique title «Tarot Satans» emphasizes the plurality and the collective strength of these dark entities, making the deck stand out as a powerful tool for divination and magical practices.

The «Tarot Satans» deck comprises 108 cards, a number chosen for its profound mystical significance. In many spiritual traditions, 108 is considered a sacred number representing the wholeness of existence, encompassing the universe’s cycles and the essence of cosmic order. By incorporating 108 cards, the deck embraces this universal completeness, offering a comprehensive journey through the realms of the unknown.

Each card in this extraordinary deck is depicted being held by the hand of Satan, a deliberate and evocative artistic choice. Unlike traditional Tarot decks where the cards are simply illustrated, the hand of Satan gripping each card symbolizes the direct influence and power of dark forces over the divinatory process. This imagery serves to remind the reader that they are channeling the formidable and often untamed energies of the infernal realms.

The hand of Satan holding each card underscores the notion that the insights and revelations provided by this deck are not merely random or passive. Instead, they are guided by potent and malevolent entities, offering a direct link to their knowledge and power. This unique feature elevates the «Tarot Satans» deck from a mere tool of divination to an active conduit for the dark wisdom of multiple Satans, providing a profound and transformative experience for those who dare to engage with it.

Preface to «Tarot Satans»

In a world where ancient wisdom and modern technology intertwine, the «Tarot Satans» deck emerges as a bridge between the mystical past and the cutting-edge present. This extraordinary deck, an artifact of the ancient world, is imbued with profound esoteric significance and unparalleled power. Just as artificial intelligence stands as a reliable companion and advisor in our contemporary lives, so too does the «Tarot Satans» deck serve the practicing magician, witch, or sorcerer. It is not merely a collection of cards but a trusted friend, an insightful counselor, and an expert consultant in the realm of the occult.

Comprising 108 cards, the «Tarot Satans» deck draws upon the sacred numerology revered across various spiritual traditions. The number 108 represents the completeness of existence, a symbol of the cycles and essence of the cosmos. Each card within this deck is held by the hand of Satan, a deliberate artistic choice that emphasizes the active engagement of dark forces in the divinatory process. This powerful imagery underscores the idea that the insights gleaned from this deck are guided by potent and malevolent entities, making the divination experience both profound and transformative.

The «Tarot Satans» deck excels as a diagnostic tool, capable of conducting a thorough examination of any magical influence, be it negative or positive. It reveals the origins and nature of these influences, providing detailed information on when and by whom they were enacted. Furthermore, the deck can assess an individual’s latent magical abilities, offering guidance on how best to nurture and develop these talents. It serves as a conduit to your guardian spirits, patron spirits, and helper spirits, revealing their names and numbers, and providing instructions on the rituals required to harness their power.

Beyond its diagnostic capabilities, the «Tarot Satans» deck offers profound insights into the thoughts and hearts of those around you. It can unveil the hidden intentions and feelings of your loved ones and expose the presence of witches or sorcerers within your circle. This deck is not just a passive tool; it is an active participant in your magical journey, offering advice, support, and guidance every step of the way.

The «Tarot Satans» deck stands as a testament to the enduring power and relevance of ancient wisdom in our modern world. It is a companion for the serious practitioner, offering a unique blend of ancient esoteric knowledge and practical magical guidance. Whether you seek to diagnose magical influences, develop your abilities, connect with spiritual entities, or uncover hidden truths, the «Tarot Satans» deck is your steadfast ally in the mystical arts. Embrace its power, trust in its guidance, and let it lead you through the enigmatic and awe-inspiring realms of magic and mystery.

The original printed edition of this book will be exclusively available in English. However, for those who speak other languages, there is good news: alongside the printed English version, you will have the option to receive an electronic version of the book in your native language. This ensures that the rich content and profound insights of this work are accessible to a global audience, allowing readers from diverse linguistic backgrounds to fully engage with and benefit from the wisdom contained within its pages.

In the secluded realms of the magical world, where shadows hide more than they reveal and the echoes of ancient spells still resonate, the «Tarot Satans» deck emerges. This deck is not just a collection of images; it is a gateway to ancient secrets and profound knowledge, crafted for those brave enough to look beyond the visible and explore the depths of the unseen.

The Devil

Composed with mystical energies and ancient wisdom, this deck includes 108 arcana, each serving as a portal to untapped possibilities and hidden realms. These cards are essential tools for magicians, witches, and sorcerers, enabling the diagnosis of magical influences on various entities—be it homes, apartments, vehicles, or other physical objects. «Tarot Satans» reveals the secrets enveloped within.

The Devil Tarot Card

This deck also facilitates the exploration of the querent’s own magical potential, paving a path toward self-discovery and latent abilities. With these cards, one can gain insights into past, present, and future events, and reflect on personal growth within the eternal battle between light and darkness.

Satan Tarot

«Tarot Satans» is more than a mere deck; it is a spiral of time and destiny, inviting you to traverse the dark recesses of your soul and beyond. It beckons you to uncover what is concealed from many and to harness this knowledge in pursuit of your goals.

Tarot Devil

May each arcana unlock doors behind which the answers to life’s most profound questions await. May the wisdom and power encapsulated in these cards guide you on your journey to mastering the magical arts.